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Park FAQs

  • What relationship does Santana Village Park Association have to Santana Village Homeowners Association?

None. There is no relationship. Santana Village Homeowners Association is a defunct (no longer in existence) homeowners association group that was created by the developer of the “Santana Village” who built the houses in this area roughly during the 1960’s and 1970s. That homeowners association was abandoned and ceased to function sometime before 1980.

Santana Village Park Association is an Oregon non-profit corporation created in 2012 for the specific and sole purpose of owning and managing a 4.1 acre plot of land on Shawnee Dr SE as a neighborhood park. Santana Village Park Association is not a homeowners association, nor is it related to any homeowners association.

Often, title company agents research the real estate records of homes being bought and sold in the Santana Village area and have questions about whether dues might be owed to the homeowners association by the present owners of the property. And often, those agents contact the park corporation (Santana Village Park Association) about those dues because the name of the park corporation is similar to the name of the old, defunct homeowners association. This Q&A is provided in part to assist those title company agents.

  • Where is the park located?

The 4.1 acre park is located at 850 Shawnee Drive SE. Shawnee is a short street that runs between Shenandoah Drive SE and Pennsylvania Drive SE just east of Salem's city limits.  (See: Map & Directions Page) 

  • What are the park hours?

Open all day, every day
Closed from sun-down to sun-up

(See: Park Rules Page)

  • What activities are available in the park?

At present, the park includes the following facilities:

    • an asphalt sport court, including four basketball hoops and a tennis court
    • a children’s play structure
    • a 60 foot baseball/softball practice field
    • large open space areas, some with trees and some without
    • picnic tables
    • two horseshoe pits
  • I have found Grocery Carts in the Park and/or Neighborhood?

Northwest Cart Retrieval is a company contracted by about 6-7 large stores in the Salem Area - including Winco.

In NOVEMBER-2018 they released their Web Site for Reporting Abandoned Carts >>>

Shopko is an exception; they do contract with this company; you must call Shopko directly:  503-371-6410

  • How did the park become owned by the neighborhood?

Please Visit "Park History Page" - lots of detailed information there. 

  • How can I help?

We'll have lots of specific projects and "work to do" listings here in the future, but it will take a bit of time to get those organized.

In the meantime, if you want to be sure we know you are interested in helping out and we don't already know about you, please complete the form below and let us know your name, email address, phone number, address, and how you might be interested in helping out.

Remember, this is A Neighborhood Owned Resource, which means the park will be as good as we collectively make it.

GET INVOLVED - Click Here And Tell Us Who You Are And How You Envision Helping 


  • How can I donate?

Checks should be made payable to Santana Village Park Association and mailed to:

            Santana Village Park Association

            317 Court ST NE

            Salem, OR  97301


  • What if I have questions or suggestions?

Contact Santana Village Park association at:


  • Can I attend a board meeting?

Board of Directors meets quarterly on the second Friday of the month, beginning July, 2012, and in addition as often as it may need to.

If you'd like to attend Board of Directors meeting, you may. They are open to the public. To find out where the next meeting will be (we don't have a regular location yet), email  us at:

  • What improvements are being planned for the park?

Our current park improvement wish list includes the following:

    • resurface and restripe the sport court, perhaps expand it, and perhaps create one or more pickle ball courts
    • generally improve the 60-foot baseball/softball practice field
    • install a trenched/barked walkin/jogging path around the perimeter of the park - Completed
    • construct one or two picnic shelter, eventually with some level of food service equipment
    • construct a restroom
    • provide water (for keeping some grass green) and electricity (for picnic shelter use and otherwise)
Santana Village Park
A Neighborhood Owned Resource
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